Hi all. I'm YK, a graduate of BA (Hons) in Communication Design and HD in Multimedia Design & Technology from School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, specialised in visual identity, prints and editorial design.

With the passion of art and design, I am keen on different events and activities that relates to culture and design. With my curiosity, the spirit of exploration and discovery, I have two internship experiences from Hong Kong to Taiwan in order to widen my horizon and gain more experience in this field.

Currently seeking for opportunities, feel free to drop me a message, for resume please click here.

Working Experience                                                                                             Freelance Designer, Hong Kong                                                                           Designer (Part-time) @La La Design & Decoration, Hong Kong                                   Designer (Part-time) @Wolverine Worldwide, Hong Kong                                   Internship @Ming Island Branding, Taiwan                                                           Internship @On Your Mark Design Laboratory, Hong Kong

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